Turner Contemporary, Margate

This weekend I travelled to the seaside town of Margate, Kent to visit the Turner Contemporary art gallery designed by David Chipperfield. The gallery opened in 2011 and has been criticised for being “alien, brutal and bleak.” The building cost £17.5m, and was it was hoped that it would aid the regeneration of the town.

Author: jtharp2020

Part 2 Diploma Architecture Student - RIBA Studio/Oxford Brookes. Based in Essex.

2 thoughts on “Turner Contemporary, Margate”

  1. I visit friends in Margate quite often and the first time they took me to the seafront they pointed to a building in the distance and said what do you think that is? I said it looked like a warehouse completely unaware of what it was! Have since been inside and still not convinced, what were your thoughts?

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    1. I really enjoyed the building! After researching it more for C4, it was viewed very much as a “Kuntstalle” (a gallery with no permanent collection) by Chipperfield. His intention was to provide the community with an accessible building that wouldn’t intimidate, and I think he has succeeded. The gallery has been a big success.


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