T5a – Parametric Design

Having come to grips with 3D modelling program Rhinoceros over the bank holiday weekend, I have started to practice using the script writing plug-in Grasshopper. This uses script to help generate 3D forms, within which, parameters can be changed which affects the generated form. Below are three parametric towers, modelled through Grasshopper into Rhinoceros. I have altered the parameters in the script and the differences between the three include height, rotations and distance between ‘floors’:

Although a quick form-generating exercise, it is clear that this method could offer unexpected design solutions that could inform future projects.

T5a – Salt Building NYC inspired by Salt Crystal

As part of my early investigative work around the concept of crystals, I initially explored the notion of buildings being informed literally by crystals. One building I found was the NYC Salt Store in Manhattan, the form of which was derived from that of a salt crystal. My drawing of the building below:


Although I appreciated the unique form of the building and its relationship to its function of storing salt, I felt the connection to my initial area of research was too literal and I decided not to focus on crystals informing the form/appearance of buildings and intend to develop my research in another area that would offer more of a challenge and open my research into another area of study.